Hello Miguel,

BGException is background exception. It comes from the message pump.
This means it can come also from your code in one of the TWSocket
events. To test put them all in a exception block until you found the
error (if it is over there of course).

Socket operation on a non socket means that somewhere some handle is
overwritten. Mostly this comes because you have somewhere written
outside a variable (so written [partly] to another).

This is not nececary the same moment but has happend a little while
before it.

Also possible is that you have a pointer to a datasocket that is not
exestant anymore. If you have an array of sockets or so, be sure to
update it on OnClientConnect / OnClientDisconnect. Remember also that in
OnClientDisconnect the datasocket in question is still there, it is
called before it is destroyed (also the count argument).

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Thursday, October 5, 2006, 09:06, Miguel Cañas wrote:

> Hi

> I am using TwSocketServer in a service application that receives information
> from a POS Machine (using TCP) and I am having problems with the number of
> clients that shows WSocketServerEx.ClientCount. In some cases clientcount
> return more connections than the number of machines that I have connected to
> the service.  I am saving the client list in txt file and it shows this;

> [04/10/2006 17:24:09:296] --D Activa[0] IP [] PORT []
> [04/10/2006 17:24:09:296] --D Activa[1] IP [] PORT []
> [04/10/2006 17:24:09:296] --D Activa[2] IP [] PORT []
> [04/10/2006 17:24:09:296] --D Activa[3] IP [] PORT [2379]

> What happen with the positions 0,1 and 2 that shows no port or ip??

> I have found this exception 2 segs before the addition of a new 'emptyŽ(no
> ip or port) connection and was capture in WSocketServerExBgException.

> [04/10/2006 17:24:07:453] [ESocketException] Msg[Error 10038 in function
> Disconnect (closesocket)
> Socket operation on non-socket]

> Is there a relationship between this exception and the addition of the new
> empty connection? or I have to look for the error in another place.
> Any help would be appreciated.

> Thank you

> Miguel Angel Cañas C.

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