Actually V1.87 has the same behaviour.
I found that it works when you select HTTP/1.0 and it doesn't work with 
HTTP/1.1, no matter which component version has been used. It is related to 
the fact the component close or not the connection before relocation. I 
think the bug has always been there with chunked mode tranfer when the last 
header packet contain the first part of the body.

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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Bug found in THttpCli--seeking solution, please 

>>> Which V5 version are you using ? I mean which HttpProt.pas version do 
>>> you
>>> have ? I have V1.93.
>> 1.87
> OK, thanks.
> It is a rather old version. I found it in my archives from 2005.
> I will try to see which change has been done which break the code.
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