> I'm wondering if there is a simple web page with form, using basic CGI
> that will generate the POST reply back to THTTPServer Post event? For
> example, the value is entered in text box, and hit Button, and get the
> reply back from THTTPServer through Post event.
> The CGI script can be written using C/C++ stand alone exec program if
> necessary.

Using a CGI with HTTP server is somewhat counter productive. If you use ICS
HTTP server component then obviously you are writing your own web server
program. So it much easier to extend this program directly in Delphi code
instead of writing an external program in another language.

The sample WebServ program delivered with ICS show how to handle the items
posted to the server using an HTML form. Have a look in WebServ1.pas at
procedure TWebServForm.ProcessPostedData_FormHandler.

If you really want the CGI interface, for example because you have existing
CGI you want to reuse, then look at the "usermade" page à
http://www.overbyte.be, there is someone (sorry I forgot his name) who
implemented the CGI/ISPI interfaces.

> And, at last, would it be possible if the search box for
> http://www.elists.org/pipermail/twsocket/ can be added, instead of
> opening every subject to find the THTTPServer messages?

Look in the support page at http://www.overbyte.be, you'll see a link to a
searchable mailing list archive.

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