I've seen that this subject had already discussed but I'm another question
on tjis. I want to transfer in passive mode. 3 ports (1985-1986-1987) are
open on my router and set on my server. So the connexion is OK and it's the
1985 port which is returned by the server after PASV command for the first
connexion. Then, I'm disconnected. Then I'm connected again and it's yet the
1985 port returned by server. I'm disconnected. For this, all is OK. But if
there's a problem during a connexion (client cutted, LAN out, .) , after
that when we connect it's the port 1986 returned by the server. And to free
the 1985 port, I must kill my FTP server and run again. I've wait for a long
moment before killing my FTP server.





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