Arnold FLUTEAUX wrote:
> OK. my release is  not the last.
> Can I take the V5 (May 14 2006) ? Is ok with Delphi 7 and with Delphi
> 2005 in .NET ?

This version has some bugs as well, which have been fixed:

Concerning the .NET stuff I cannot say anything, sorry.
I would make a backup and just try. I think Francois is
already working on a new version that will be available

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Arnold
> Arnold FLUTEAUX wrote:
>> I've seen that this subject had already discussed but I'm another
>> question on tjis. I want to transfer in passive mode. 3 ports (1985-
>> 1986-1987) are open on my router and set on my server. So the
>> connexion is OK and it's the 1985 port which is returned by the
>> server after PASV command for the first connexion. Then, I'm
>> disconnected. Then I'm connected again and it's yet the 1985 port
>> returned by server. I'm disconnected. For this, all is OK. But if
>> there's a problem during a connexion (client cutted, LAN out, .) ,
>> after that when we connect it's the port 1986 returned by the server.
>> And to free the 1985 port, I must kill my FTP server and run again.
>> I've wait for a long moment before killing my FTP server.
> Are you using latest beta? I remember that Peter Feldbaumer recently
> fixed some missing calls to FreeCurrentPasvPort() (January 2006 or
> so). 
> ---
> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>  <>
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