***Sorry if this appears twice... I was not a member of this list when I 
sent my first message and it appears to never have been "approved"... so 
  I joined and am trying again ;)

I have been working through the examples and reading the archives but I 
am running out of time and I need a "limited" FTP server to run as a NT 
Service and I need it soon... so I am willing to pay for some help!!!

Here is what I need...

I have several large copy machines that can "send" an FTP server copies 
made from them.

I need to capture these "copies" to a TMemoryStream (I do _not_ want to 
have any temporary files) and then I will use those memory streams (TIFF 
files) for further processing (using an imaging lib), I will then make a 
few Database updates, and then finally I need to act as a FTP client 
myself and send these modified streams to a different FTP server (not 
mine) which is running on Linux.

This application needs to run as a NT Service - so I am assuming _no_ 
"GUI"/forms/etc. can be used...

I say a "limited FTP Server because this app should _only_ work with 
these copy machines and *no one* else! It does _not_ and should _not_ 
respond to other commands like change dir, make dir, delete file, etc... 
only what it takes to receive from the copy machines.

I need someone who is *very* familiar with ICS and the FTPServer 
components to create a *robust* NT Service, with a "limited/secure" FTP 
Server, move the data into a TMemoryStream.. . and leave a place for 
_my_ further image processing and database routines, and then send out 
the modified TMemoryStream to a different FTP Server (running on a Linux 
machine) and __if__ the Linux FTP server is "down", then write the 
memory streams out to a file instead in a specified local directory.

All settings for this app (user names and passwords, a local dir for 
failed FTP sends, database location, etc) can be set via an INI or CFG 
type of file to be edited by the network administrator.

Code should be relatively "clean" and some comments would be appreciated! ;)

If you are interested in this project, please contact me with an 
estimate of time and a cost.

Many thanks!!!!

Raymond Schappe
Isthmus Technology Solutions, LLC
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