Hi all,

I'm in the process of writing a small program that needs to determine for 
sure whether or not a given domain name exists.

Currently, I'm passing the domain name to WSocket.DNSLookUp, and then 
checking the ErrCode in DNSLookupDone as follows:

case ErrCode of
     0 : begin
                {assume domain exists}
     11001 : begin
                        {assume domain does not exist}
     11004 : begin
                          {assume domain does not exist}
                {some error occurred}

This seems to work in most cases, although I appreciate that it may fail in 
the case of new domains where the info has not yet fully propagated. 
However, while using the program the other day I encountered a particular 
domain (datingsite.org) for which the program falsely reports that the 
domain does not exist. A whois query on the domain name shows that no name 
servers are listed for the domain, which, I assume, is the reason for the 
false result.

Can anyone suggest a more effective way of determining whether or not a 
domain actually exists, regardless of whether or not domain name servers are 
listed for a domain?


Rob Ashburn. 

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