> I am building TCP and HTTP client that received high speed stream data
> from Java socket server.  I need to build a real threading CLIENT
> include a socket component.
> my digram of receiving data :
> Server(Java)  ----> Client ----> Parsing Data ----> GUI
> I need your help of simple multi-threading framework that I can start
> with .... I read a lots of articles and tips for Delphi Threading but I
> am relay confused of how to use TWSocket with multi-threading in client
> side.

Before entering in long explanations, would you please explain why you think 
you need multithreading ? Multithreading is not the universal solution and 
frequently people think they need it while they don't. Misused 
multithreading simply slow down overall system !

Remember that ICS socket is an asynchonous non-blocking event driven 
component. It doesn't require multithreading to have responsive 
applications. Specially a client side.

This being said: "high speed data stream from Java socket server" doesn't 
mean much. Java is by nature a slow system and the stream speed can't be 
faster than the slowest network speed you have between the client and the 
server. Network speed is composed of a lot of items. If you have a xDSL 
connection, this will probably be the slowest part. If you have a gigabit 
LAN, probably your network card will be the slowest. And of course if the 
server application is not able to sustain the physical network thruput, this 
will be the limiting factor.

To come back to your client application, it is likely that the GUI is the 
slowest part, except maybe the parsing and processing of data. You will 
probably need at most one worker thread beside the main thread.

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