> What is the best way to use the send process and the received process in
> the client in separated process (Multithreaded) for TWSocket with
> LineMode and ThttpCli ?

You don't need that at all since TWSocket is asynchronous. For example, when 
you call TWSocket.Send, you get control back immediately while the component 
send your data in the background automatically. To receive data, you never 
wait for incomming data. You are notifyed when data is available and calling 
TWSocket.Receive will get the data instantly from winsock buffer. No 

So maybe you need two threads or two process (that's not the same thing !) 
for processing, but ICS doesn't need it at all. Are you porting a unix 
application ? Forget his design and build a brand new one.

If you really have two threads - a sender and a receiver - it is likely that 
you need a third one running the socket for both send and receive. TWSocket 
is multithread and you may call Send or Receive from another thread but this 
is not the recommanded design. Instead, use a thread for your network I/O 
and use basic inter-thread communication mechanism to communicate between 
your threads. This way you completely insulate the application layer (user 
interface and processing) from the transport layer (the socket stuff).

If you use separate processes, use standard IPC to talk between your 

If you tell us what you have to develop from a high level view, we can tell 
you our ideas about the best design.

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