I would like to retrieve emails from a pop3 mailbox and forward them
using smtp. I haven't used ICS for emails yet and wanted to see what
the process would be. I made a test program with Indy that seemed to
work and I posted a message to the Borland groups to make sure there
was no problem with my simple logic.

But I prefer to learn and use ICS methods instead. Here is what I want
to do (synchronously):
Retrieve a message from a POP3 mailbox
change the recipient
Send it using SMTP (synchronous)
change the recipient
Send it using SMTP ...
for a number of recipients.

What I need to know is will the message remain static (no changes to
the multi-parts or attachments) for the entire process, other than my
changes to recipients?

I can look through the examples to see how to do this. I just need to
be sure it will work before I take the time to research.

Second question: I didn't see an HttpCli component in v6. I had
considered installing it in BDS2006 for new projects, but that is a
component I use a bunch. Is it missing, or should I use version 5
HttpCli with v6 or what? Is it named differently?

Thanks for ICS. I'll send my postcard next week. :-)

-Johnnie Norsworthy
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