> I would like to retrieve emails from a pop3 mailbox and forward them
> using smtp. I haven't used ICS for emails yet and wanted to see what
> the process would be.

> Here is what I want to do (synchronously):

You are on the wrong track if your programming model is synchronous. ICS is
asynchronous, non blocking by design. You' d better design your application
using asynchronous model. You'll learn that it is easy and give very good
performance. And you have multitasking without resorting to multithreading.

> Retrieve a message from a POP3 mailbox
> change the recipient
> Send it using SMTP (synchronous)
> change the recipient
> Send it using SMTP ...
> for a number of recipients.
> What I need to know is will the message remain static (no changes to
> the multi-parts or attachments) for the entire process, other than my
> changes to recipients?

The components will not touch the message itself.

> Second question: I didn't see an HttpCli component in v6.

Look better :-)
The component is there in OverybteIcsHttpProt.pas.
Actually V6 has all V5 components but less demos (you can easily port V5
demos to V6 demos as the changes in the components are almost internal).

> component I use a bunch. Is it missing, or should I use version 5
> HttpCli with v6 or what? Is it named differently?

The unit have been renamed (prefixed by OverbyteIcs) but the components have
same class name properties and events.

> Thanks for ICS. I'll send my postcard next week. :-)

Hope so !

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