I'm looking for good ways to write a device configuration program using
ICS. The devices to be configured can be configured via Telnet and the
IP can be assigned via creating some arp entry for it and the first
packet sent to the device sets its address.

What I'd like to do is:

- set the device address via ARP and then ping the device to
  check whether the address is set correctly. At least on my home pc I
  didn't find the ping component...strange. How does it work anyway?

- then I'd like to have some sort of array which contains all necessary
  telnet configuration steps, because if something changes in the device
  I can change my program more flexible/faster. Which telnet component
  to use? I don't want to show the user the telnet output but might want
  to have a debug tab or so for me showing it if anything breaks or
  during development. How to achieve it?

Unfortunatelly it's not yet documented in the Wiki, I thought to give it
a start lately by entering the properties of the telnet connection
component, but obviously it didn't start anybody else on that...


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