Johnnie Norsworthy wrote:
> Is the newest version of ICS capable of https: 

ICS-SSL is available, but it is not yet freeware.
It's planed to release it as freeware without source
code since March 2006, but I don't know when it will
be done.
Currently it includes many SSL-enabled components:
HTTP c/s, FTP c/s, SMTP c, NNTP c, and of course

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> web service calls by
> creating your own SOAP XML?
> I saw an ICS example was available for Google, which was very helpful,
> but eBay requires an SSL connection for its web services.
> If someone has already done some framework for EBay in ICS or even in
> Indy I would gladly pay them to share that code.
> --
> -Johnnie Norsworthy
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