If I'm trying to send random data at a speed faster than a TCP socket 
can support, what errors should I expect from TWSocket.Send?  This might 
be a slow connection, or a remote that can not process the stream fast 

I can not see any error handling in the send buffering code to reject 
sends when prior data has not been sent and the buffer is full, so I 

  if len < (BufSize - BufferedByteCount) then

to try and check it.  I tried to test this by exiting 
SocketDataAvailable without receiving any data, but the application 
simply went into 100% CPU as the event was continually called without 
processing any other messages.  

This 100% symptom is something I've seen several times recently in one 
of my major applications, when another application on the PC started 
using a lot of CPU for a short period, then mine started using 100% 
until crashed with Task Manager.

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