When I send a string from my test utility, the ClientConnect() event(*)
fires in my app, which is listening for messages, but the
ClientDataAvailable() event(**) is not fired. 


And when I send the message a second time from the test utility, I get
"Connect: socket already in use".


Also, the sending utility freezes up after sending the message.


{ Taken from the ICS demo }

procedure TfClientMain.WSocketServerClientConnect(Sender: TObject; Client:
TWSocketClient; Error: Word);


  with Client as TTcpSrvClient do begin

    ShowMessage('Client connected.' +

            ' Remote: ' + PeerAddr + '/' + PeerPort +

            ' Local: '  + GetXAddr + '/' + GetXPort);

    ShowMessage('There is now ' +

            IntToStr(TWSocketServer(Sender).ClientCount) +

            ' client(s) connected.');

    LineMode            := TRUE;

    LineEdit            := TRUE;

    LineLimit           := 255; { Do not accept long lines } //changed from

    OnDataAvailable     := ClientDataAvailable;

    OnLineLimitExceeded := ClientLineLimitExceeded;

    OnBgException       := ClientBgException;

    ConnectTime         := Now;




{ Taken from the ICS demo, too -- this event never gets fired }

procedure TfClientMain.ClientDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; Error: Word);


  with Sender as TTcpSrvClient do begin

    { We use line mode. We will receive complete lines }

    RcvdLine := ReceiveStr;

    { Remove trailing CR/LF }

    while (Length(RcvdLine) > 0) and

          (RcvdLine[Length(RcvdLine)] in [#13, #10]) do

      RcvdLine := Copy(RcvdLine, 1, Length(RcvdLine) - 1);

    ShowMessage('Received from ' + GetPeerAddr + ': ''' + RcvdLine + '''');

    //ProcessData(Sender as TTcpSrvClient);




I must be missing something yet...

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