Markus Humm wrote:
> Hello,
> I've some basic questions regarding e-mail sending from my app.
> preferably using ICS.
> I'd like to send e-mail when my app. detects a failure (not within the
> app. but in the hardware it monitors). I need to use the SMTP
> component, ok but:
> 1. I'm also using MadExcept which has some option to
>     "act as a SMTP server". So how does this work,

Means, the mail is delivered directly to recipent's mail server.

> how compatible
> would     this be, what benefit would I have from it?

Con: server may reject connections from dynamic IP's,
server may not reverse resolve senders IP. 
Pro: User must not specify a relaying server, userID and password.

> 2. If not acting as SMTP server myself, what data would the user need
> to     specify so that I can connect and send e-mails?
>     - e-mail address of the sender

Not always necessary

>     - login name and account of the e-mail account
>     - name and port of the SMTP server

> 3. How can I initiate a connection? My app. might be installed
>     somewhere where:
>     - only a dial up connection is available, how to dial it?

There are many RAS dial components available.

>     - a connection via LAN (e.g. DSL) is available, how to use it?

If there's a connection available you don't need to establish one.

>     - a proxy is used, how to use that?

Depends on the proxy.

>     and: what information do I need to be able to use all three
>     options depending on availability? (user selects which to use)

BTW: It is not possible to detect whether a connection to the internet
exists. The user needs to tell you the connection type, and needs to
setup the properties accordingly. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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