Hi, Yes I am using v6 beta of ICS which works very well for me but I still
can't get the rcvbuf size to take.
I searched the source code of OverbyteICSwSocket.pas and located the line
FSocketRcvBufSize   : Integer;  { Winsock internal socket Recv buffer size }
but this is all I found.

FPiette wrote this code

procedure TCustomWSocket.SetSocketRcvBufSize(BufSize : Integer);
    iStatus : Integer;
    optlen  : Integer;
    optlen  := SizeOf(BufSize);
    iStatus := WSocket_setsockopt(FHSocket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVBUF,
                                  BufSize, optlen);
    iStatus := WSocket_setsockopt(FHSocket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVBUF,
                                  PChar(@BufSize), optlen);
    if iStatus = 0 then
        FSocketSndBufSize := BufSize

on ICS mailing list to add into that source code unit but where should I put
this in the unit and how would I declare it so that I can use this procedure
and where would this declaration go? Also should I be calling this in the
SessionConnected event? This is very important to me to figure out. Thanks
in advance
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