I use the same component and send norwegian, swedish and even chinese chars
in the subject (but Outlook can't show chinese in the subject on my

Use Quoted printable or Base64 to encode special chars. Example for Base64
could be like this (C++):

HtmlSmtpCli1->HdrSubject = "=?utf-8?B?" +
Base64Encode(UTF8Encode(SubjectInputFromUserEdit->Text)) + "?=";

If you have a GUI-component that can handle WideStrings, then you can have
any language in the subject using the above form. First the unicode-string
is UTF8-encoded, then it is Base64-encoded and I think this form can hold
any possible char.

If you use Quoted printable instead you would save a little space because
only the char's above 126 or so is encoded, I have code for this too if you
ar interested.

Regards Bjørnar

> imagine) so I'm planning to return to Indy as long as I can 
> solve their issue with Swedish characters in the subject. 

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