> I haven't looked at the source, but usually a working message pump
> is required in a worker thread to make asynchronous events working.
> That most likely applies to the Ping-component as well

Ping/ICMP is a blocking function, which is the main reason for my ping
component running it in a thread.  Since it's running in a thread, there
is no point in doing an asynchrous DNS lookup, so my component does a
much simpler blocking DNS lookup (or reverse lookup), to avoid needing a
message pump. 

There was insufficient sample code to work out what the original poster
was trying to do, but starting 10 or 50 of my threaded ping components is
very simple, with a single result event where the domain name is added to
a the result array.  It's a 30 minute project to test a list of servers
(less the GUI). 

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