Hi Wilfried,

> It is normal that you receive an empty string once a while. Just exit
> the OnDataAvailable event in that case. When data is really ready to
> receive OnDataAvailable will fire again.

I see your point - the other day I got the same result over and over again, 
today the same code works fine.  I'll have to remember to build "retry" 
functionality into the system :)

BTW, just to clarify what was happening the other day, the following result 
would end up with the variable 'msg' having data:

void __fastcall MyClass::ClientDataAvailable(TObject *Sender, WORD ErrCode)
  AnsiString msg = ((TWSocketClient*) Sender)->ReceiveStr();

Whereas this code would result in the variable msg being empty:

void __fastcall MyClass::ClientDataAvailable(TObject *Sender, WORD ErrCode)
  TWSocketClient* Client = dynamic_cast<TWSocketClient*>(Sender);
  AnsiString msg = Client->ReceiveStr();



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