Hi Dan,

> > >   TWSocketClient* Client = dynamic_cast<TWSocketClient*>(Sender);
> > >   AnsiString msg = Client->ReceiveStr();
> >
> > The first line will execute, I think the second line will generate an
> > exception here. I´m not sure. Did you have it into an exception block ?
> >
> > As far as I know the dynamic_cast is a kind of equivalent for ´is´ or
> > ´as´ operators in Delphi and some other languages. It is not the same as
> > a type cast. I even think it will evaluate to false (null) because
> > Sender is of type TObject (yeah it "is" TWSocketClient, but compiler
> > dont know that).
> A dynamic cast is safer.  Yes its similar to Delphi´s as/is operators.  In
> this case, this a pointer dynamic cast (rather than a reference), it will
> return null/nil if Sender isn´t really a TWSocketClient, and the code should
> then check for this.  An alternative is to use a reference:
>  TWSocketClient& Client = dynamic_cast<TWSocketClient&>(Sender);

But Sender is a pointer - I didn't think you could typecast a pointer to a 



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