Dear community,

it's me again ... some of you directed me the right way sending SMTP 
mails in async mode. I analyzed the MailSnd1 example and I built a 
component based on TSmtpCli, which wraps some of my application specific 
data. After setting all required properties, I do a Connect and the 
component does all the remaining things in the background (in the 
OnRequestDone event, the same way the example shows).

Sending one mail is fine, but sending mass mails gives an 'SMTP 
component not ready' exception. I can't track it down, so I guess I'm 
making some common mistake here.

My application works as follows. After pressing a button to start 
sending mass mails, the app opens a query on a SQL server and iterates 
through the record set. It takes some data from the record set and 
places it into properties of my own mail component. Then it calls a 
method 'MailSend', which in turn fills all TSmtpCli properties and calls 
.Connect. I can see in a log that OnRequestDone is fired multiple times 
until it gets smtpQuit. When calling the next time, I'll get the above 

The last thing I did is to place initialization of the standard 
properties into my MailSend method, setting CharSet, ContentType, Port, 
LocalAddr... there. But no success, the exception still remains.

I guess I missed something obvious - and I'm happy for all hints to 
solve this problem.


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