The problem seems to be solved (more or less). It only occurs
if the application is started from a network drive and the
connection to that drive is cut.
I'm not sure where the problem is exactly but all other accesses
to the network do not result in this kind of desaster.
Anyway: Not a problem of ICS anymore.

Thanks (especially Arno)


Veit Zimmermann wrote:
> Arno Garrels wrote:
>> Veit Zimmermann wrote:
>>> Arno Garrels wrote:
>>>> Veit Zimmermann wrote:
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> I'm currently testing my usage of TSmtpClient and I get some
>>>>> strange behavior: When I unplug my computers network cable while
>>>>> a SMTP connection is active it takes about 5 to 10 seconds and
>>>>> then a MessageBox-like window appears with the Error Icon but no
>>>>> test at all on it.
>>>>> Ignoring the fact that my program is now
>>>>> frozen, where does this window come from and how can I handle a
>>>>> hard disconnect like this gracefully?
>>>> Do you run the application in debugger? That would show you
>>>> the line where the exception (if any) was raised.
>>>> Usually, if the network cable is plugged off OnSessionClose will
>>>> be triggered when the component tries to send or receive something.
>>> I tried both. The problem is I get a lot of nice exception, which I
>>> can identify very clearly and then I get some which bring up this
>>> empty messagebox (caption by the way is programname.exe). The debugger
>>> stops but does not show a position in the source code.
>>> Eventlog shows the following at this time
>>> First chance exception at $7C812A5B. Exception class
>>> EExternalException with message 'External exception C0000006'.
>>> Process GPS_Plus.exe (3140)
>> No idea, have you tried MadExcept? 
>> Seems to be neither an ICS nor a (real) Delphi/BCB exception.
> Yes, it's included all the time. But it is not catching this one (if
> it really is an exception). I'm beginning to track this down: It
> occurs when I create an Object (TKZip, a Zip component). But I can't
> trace into the create method although I have the source of the com-
> ponent.
>> If the exception number is from ntstatus.h :
>> //
>> //
>> // MessageText:
>> //
>> //  The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx".
>> //  The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error
>> //  status of "0x%08lx".
>> //
>> #define STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR             ((NTSTATUS)0xC0000006L)    // winnt
> Thanks for the ntstatus info.
>       Veit

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