Greetings François, 


I’m currently developing a service that requires downloading a file from a


I’ve used your POP3 and SMTP components and they worked very well, so I’m
trying your FTPClient component to do the download.


My service is multithreaded, as I receive different TCP/IP connections. And,
as it is a service, I have no forms, so I compiled the component (and its
related units) with the NOFORMS directive (in fact, I’ve copied the files
and deleted the lines accordingly).


When I terminate the thread that creates the FTPClient, I do
“FTPClient.Terminated:=true;” to stop the current transfer, in case it is
still active. Can I check any property to know if the FTPClient is currently
connected? Should I call FTPClient.QuitAsync before closing anything?


Also, I’m having trouble with slow transmissions. When a download lasts more
than 20 minutes the component seems to freeze, and the component remains in
ftpWaitingResponse. It seems that it doesn’t receive the confirmation
(FServerSaidDone still remains at false). I suspect that, as the control
socket is idle all this time, some device closes it and I can’t receive the
server confirmation, I only get the DataSocketGetSessionClosed event.


I’m behind an ISA Server, I suppose that it closes the control socket, as it
isn’t sending anything. How can I avoid that?


Is there anything else I should take in consideration?





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