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> Dan wrote:
> >> So obviously those keepalive packets do not reset the timeout (where
> >> ever it happens) however sending some bytes may help, see above.
> >>
> >
> > Try sending the NOOP command periodically whilst
> > downloading/uploading. Most servers should support this.
> > Not sure
> > how the component will handle the response if it's waiting for the
> > response from the GET/PUT though.
> You are right!
> A response to a NOOP before GET/PUT finished would kill a transfer.
> However some (most?) servers queue client requests, the NOOP responses
> would the be received after the transfer completed. ICS FTP server
> does not queue requests.

In my experience, most FTP servers treat a NOOP in a special way and will
process it and reply even during a transfer.  It's worth a try.


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