I've some application which sits between two networks. It get's queries 
to be carried out (not DB queries) from a PC and gets the replies from 
the other network.

The replies are stored in a queue and shall be reported back to that PC 
originally asking (this is always the same PC). For communication with 
that PC I've a TWSocket TCP connection.

As it is now I've some thread which gets a message posted from the queue 
when new data is added. It reads the queue then and sends the data via 
the socket. The socket hasn't been created within that thread. I feel 
this is bad design because it doesn't seem to be really reliable (lost 
connection without known reason, AV ...).

My new idea is now to use a TApplicationEvents and send the notification 
about new answers to the main program itsself (thequeue is within this 
context anyway) and let the main program then send the data. This should 
be doable without CPU hogging/waste of CPU since sending is asynchronous 
anyway when ICS is used. Am I right on this? Would that be better and be 
reliable? Because that seems to be my last big showstopper in that part 
of the application right now.

I'm still using ICS V5.20 or so. I won't upgrade now, maybe later in the 
future but time is pressing...


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