David Bridges wrote:
> I'm trying to provide a way for email to be sent from my application
> using TSmtpCli and am having trouble understanding the authentication
> mechanisim. In Outlook Express you just check a box "My server
> requires authentication", you put in [EMAIL PROTECTED], you put in your
> password and it then works.  I can't figure out how to accomplish
> this with the component, I'm not sure which properties are used for
> what and what steps are required. I've tried to use the MailSnd demo 
> but there's no place to put a password, I tried hard coding it but no
> luck.  Can anyone help? 

At first download latest beta version, MailSnd demo demonstrates
authentication since years. It's possible to specify a certain
authentication type as well as let the compononent find most secure
type (SmtpCli.AuthType := smptAuthAutoSelect).

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
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