Hello all,

I want to discuss an architectural issue here
I´m debugging an application of mine and yesterday it has stopped working and I 
got the following EurekaLog call stak information

|00507C4D|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |RaiseException                    |2009[4]  |
|0050D08B|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |SocketError                       |7045[17] |
|0050CFD8|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |SocketError                       |7028[0]  |
|0050CBD1|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |InternalClose                     |6672[34] |
|0050CACF|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |Close                             |6589[1]  |
|0050939A|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |Destroy                           |4303[8]  |
|00509348|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |Destroy                           |4295[0]  |
|0050F4E3|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomLineWSocket        
   |Destroy                           |8104[11] |
|7C91503E|ntdll.dll   |                              |                          
   |bsearch                           |         |
|7E36A03E|USER32.dll  |                              |                          
   |ClientThreadSetup                 |         |
|7C90EAF5|ntdll.dll   |                              |                          
   |KiUserApcDispatcher               |         |
|7E369239|USER32.dll  |                              |                          
   |CharUpperBuffW                    |         |
|7E36AEBF|USER32.dll  |                              |                          
   |CharUpperBuffA                    |         |
|7E36AEE3|USER32.dll  |                              |                          
   |CharUpperBuffA                    |         |
|7C90E21D|ntdll.dll   |                              |                          
   |ZwQueryVirtualMemory              |         |
|7C80B9B7|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |VirtualQueryEx                    |         |
|7C80B9A0|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |VirtualQueryEx                    |         |
|7C80B9E1|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |VirtualQuery                      |         |
|7C80B9D1|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |VirtualQuery                      |         |
|00509286|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |Create                            |4271[6]  |
|00509230|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomWSocket            
   |Create                            |4265[0]  |
|0050DEC6|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomSocksWSocket       
   |Create                            |7254[1]  |
|0050DEB0|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomSocksWSocket       
   |Create                            |7253[0]  |
|0050F45E|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomLineWSocket        
   |Create                            |8084[1]  |
|0050F448|Servidor.exe|OverByteICSWSocket.pas        |TCustomLineWSocket        
   |Create                            |8083[0]  |
|00534F14|Servidor.exe|UTDriverCommSocketThread.pas  |TDriverCommSocketThread   
   |Execute                           |355[11]  |
|7C90E57A|ntdll.dll   |                              |                          
   |NtSetEvent                        |         |
|7C80A021|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |SetEvent                          |         |
|7C80A017|kernel32.dll|                              |                          
   |SetEvent                          |         |

I have seen on OverByteICSWSocket.pas InternalClose on line 6672 it raises that 
exception only when ICS is used on DLL, but that is not my case

Actually I thing that this exception was raised because of the architecture of 
my software and I need an opinion about that.
My software is a service application that can have several TWSocket clients to 
get live video data from different sources. Each instance of TWSocket is 
working on a different thread. 
Apparently my application doesn´t work very well when some hosts are down, it 
frequently shuts the service down, but this happens only when I have some hosts 
down. My app has a Timeout parameter (Default 4 seconds) when if it doesn´t 
receives video from the host it closes the connection and opens it again, I 
think that I´m having some problems on this timeout concept, so, for example if 
I have 5 down hosts, at each 4 seconds my app will try to connect to this host, 
and I don´t know why, it is compromising my app stability
I have tried to do this reconnect to the host by 2 ways, by Closing and Opening 
the TWSocket connection again and by Destroying and Creating a new TWSocket 
component each time it needs to reconnect to the host (at each 4 seconds), on 
the first way (Closing and Opening) I got some EOutOfMemory error on ICS and on 
this second way (Destroying and Creating the TWSocket component) I got that 
exception message at the beggining of the email.
Can you tell me if this reconnection procedure that I made (each 4 seconds for 
down hosts) is dangerous to TCP at any way? I have also made another test one 
day and I left my app trying to communicate to 20 differents DOWN hosts, and 
after some hours of operation my whole computer TCP communication was 
inoperable (neither Firefox or Internet Explorer was working)
Another thing that I have thinked is that if I need to wait the TWSocket 
connection error message before trying to reconnect to the host or I can close 
if before receiving the error message?


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