Simon Saraga wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am using HttpCli to connect to a server in my application. 
> Sometimes I need to use proxy settings, which I can easily detect
> from IE registry settings.  My question is that I need to determine
> if one of the proxy settings includes a username and password.  How
> can I query a server to determine if a username and password is
> expected?  I only want to display the password dialog to the user
> that needs to input that infomation on their specific server.  I
> don't want the password dialog to appear when it is not needed.       

Status code 407 "Proxy Authentication Required" is the error when
the proxy expect authentication.

I guess you have to ask the user at least once. Once you know
username and password you can store it at a (more or less) secure
place, IE uses protected storage, may be that username and
password is already stored there?
Have a look at this component: 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

>   Your help is greatly appreciated.
>   Thank you.
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