> On 4/30/07, Francois PIETTE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> You have to add ICS units to your project so that madExcept has line 
>> numbers
>> for ICS units as well. This way you know where in 
>> TCustomLineWSocket.Destroy
>> and THttpCli.Destroy it happend.
> Already included.

It isn't because madExcept doesn't report line numbers in ICS source code.

>> Have you looked in system.pas to understand where it fails in
>> TObject.FreeInstance ?
> How?

Ask madExcept to display the disaasemble where the error occur. Ask a lot of 
lines before and after the error location. Then could be able to find in 
system.pas where the error occurs. Not easy because you have to recognize 
the assembly code.

>> I suggest you turn on all FastMM checking. It would catch accessing 
>> memory
>> after freeing it.
> How?

Extract from FastMMOptions.inc:
{Set the following option to do extensive checking of all memory blocks. All
 blocks are padded with both a header and trailer that are used to verify 
 integrity of the heap. Freed blocks are also cleared to to ensure that they
 cannot be reused after being freed. This option slows down memory 
 dramatically and should only be used to debug an application that is
 overwriting memory or reusing freed pointers. Setting this option
 automatically enables CheckHeapForCorruption and disables ASMVersion.
 Very important: If you enable this option your application will require the
 FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll library. If this library is not available you will
 get an error on startup.}
{.$define FullDebugMode}

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