Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> *Subject:* Re: [twsocket] Strange Vista winsock behavior--any way
>> to by-pass?
>> *From:* DZ-Jay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> It may not be a code efficiency problem, it may be intentionally
>> crippled to prevent you from using the "client" version for any
>> high-performance communications, and force you to buy the "server"
>> version.
> Exactly, that's why the workstation OSs have a limit of 10 TCP/IP
> shares. Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to have invalidated the patch
> to the tcpip.sys that I used for a few years to raise the limit to 50.

Nice tool that patches even latest versions of tcpip.sys 
(mine was MD5 checksum "1DBF125862891817F374F407626967F4", size 359.808 bytes):

> Windows 2007, aka Longhorn, the next server release, is currently on
> open beta from the Microsoft web site.  I've tried to download it
> with Firefox and MSIE, but the Microsoft 'shop' software always
> returns 'error'. 
> Has anyone started testing ICS on Windows 2007?

Thanks, I'm currently downloading with DownThemAll, a nice plugin for

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Angus
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