> Perhaps you can code the NTLM into ICS FTP Server demo? Believe me
> there is DEMAND for it! Fastream offers you $200 for the task to be
> completed in 10 days plus we can help you test. I know $200 is not
> much for a German company but this code could be used by many people
> so it's well spent effort (remember we will donate the demo).

OK, some money is always welcome :-) I uploaded the result for testing
(binary only):


It might be slower than the original v6 demo since security context
is switched very frequently, please check whether it's too slow.
Note that currently CWD works for directory names with length <= 3
as well as with current HomeDir (Angus can you tell us why?).
PWD also always succeeds. It's possible to upload a zero-size
file even if the user has only read access (file is not written).
My solution impersonates user's Windows security context upon filesystem
access, all events however are triggered in the the context of server's
process, it may be usefull to switch to user's context in some events
as well, but that was fine tuning and should be discussed here.

BTW: I changed/fixed the STOU command, can somebody please test?

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]


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