Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Hello Arno,
> The point is I am using Windows Vista and maybe you can point me to
> some resources to read.

I'm not yet very familiar with Vista, however basically the NTFS stuff
should work as in older NT-OSs as well. The factory defaults and
build-in accounts are different in the various NT-OSs so in Vista.
Just a few minutes ago I wasn't able to deny Full Control to C: for
a newly created group in Vista because of some Access Denied errors,
may be due to UAC? I don't have time to investigate in this stuff

Anyway, in order to test whether the demo works or not it's enough
to test in certain subfolders below C:\TEMP where you can play with
NTFS-rights without any risc to break your system.

Here's a good article however for Windows 2000:

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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