Just a word to tell a very bad thing that just happened to me (8 hours
work lost).

I use Delphi 7 under Vista ? Now I do nearly all my developments using
Vista  machine  to  be  sure  they work as they should (I had too much
non-working or work-strange projects with this new OS).

Until  now  I  had  no  stability  problem but today D7 forms suddenly
became  non-responsive  after  fireing  a breakpoint (I could minimize
delphi  forms  but  no  way  to  close),  unable  to kill D7 from task
manager, Explorer goes non-responsive, "reboot" had no effect.

But the problem is not there...

Because of this freeze state I had to turn off the machine manually, I
saw harddrive was blinking every second as usual when machine is doing
nothing,  so I hoped to not loose any data only some code lines I type
since my last CTRL+S a few minutes ago.

After restarting , D7 told me its lincense file was bad (oups that was
announcing  bad things), starting Delphi registration application told
me same thing and after multiple registration tries, it finally solved
to problem.

But  biggest  problem : All opened .pas .dfm has been filled with zero
bytes  !!!  all today's work is lost including the .~pas I hoped to be
able to re-use.

Until now I used to do per day backup but after this problem, I'll try
to automatize it every work hour !

Slightly  OT  subject, certainly not specific to D7, it do not require
any answer, just take care everybody this is the first time I had this
zero byte filling problem !


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