I have not tried it but from looking at the sources I would say that it
might work if you would change the "OnAfterFileOpen" event so that it
passes the FStream as a "var" variable. Then you could initialize that
stream variable with a memory- or stringstream in your event handler.
Maybe you will have to do Base64-transcoding in your event handler also
but there are routines for that in the "MimeUtil" unit.


Francois PIETTE wrote:
> Out of my mind without checking the source code: You may override the 
> function which read the data frm file.
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>> Hello,
>> I want to send mail with TSmtpCli with a few attached file. But I really
>> do not want to create files on the disk unless absolutely nececarry.
>> But I'm a little stuck on how to attach files because it seems to be
>> designed to only get them from disk or is there something I do not see ?
>> To be clear: forget the word 'file'. I have data and I want this data
>> attached as a file with a name. For example 'test.txt' as it is a
>> 'test.txt' file attached. It is a *.csv file and a *.txt file, no binary
>> stuff, so maybe this could be very simple ?
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