Thanks Francois.  I will try to see if I can figure out why my client tester
isn't processing messages and remove the ProcessMessages call.  I agree,
this is obviously a symptom of the underlying problem.

However, TWSocketServer does not have what I need for these tests.  I am not
wanting to know concurrent or contiguous client connections.  If I was, then
yes, ClientCount would be sufficient.  Rather, I am trying to determine how
many connection lifecycles can occur over a period of time.  This includes
connect, build session (TWSOcketServer) and disconnect.

This is not something that TWSocketServer will tell me.  Ergo, my test is
designed to determine this.

Thanks much... :)  Hoby

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> 2. Even though I use local messages to start and stop the connections, the
> Client application will not process any other messages unless I call
> Application.Processmessages, which I call in the OnSessionConnected event.

That is probably your problem. NEVER call ProcessMessages or any other form
of the message pump from an event handler. You'll have events re-entered and
this is generally very bad (even with a simple TButton !).

btw: Use TWSocketServer for your server program. It already has most of what
you need, for example ClientCount.

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