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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Question regarding ActiveDirectory in FTP for Arno

> Arno Garrels wrote:
>> I use these Windows API functions:
>> GetNamedSecurityInfo()
>> MapGenericMask()
>> AccessCheck()
>> Anyway, I don't know how to translate the resulting mask to unix
>> format, also there's no reliable way to get the effective rights of
>> users without having the user access token, even XP shows sometimes
>> nonsense effektive rights of not logged on users.
> Btw: If you want to see the above functions in action get this small
> demo binary from here : http://www.duodata.de/misc/delphi/ChkAcc.zip
> And then tell us your idea how to form the UNIX mask from it, that
> includes three parts for Owner, Group and Public.

Can you send me the source please? I think while constructing the 
drwxrwxrwx, in our case, the three rwx's are the same. IOW, we assume the 
account user to be the owner! Otherwise as you said it is impossible to do.

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