> Time ago that use the components ICS and I they like a lot.  Now I 
> have a new challenge, to create a server of sockets, the clients are 
> connected and they are used their own thead.  I do not find a clear 
> example of how this do.  Someone knows some program of example and can 
> help me?.
> Thanks by your attention. Anne.

Ha! Deja vu.

Check out TcpSrv_2 and TcpSrv_3, these are the multi-threaded demos of 
the socket server.  Demo #2 shows how to use TWSocketServer in a 
multi-thread implementation, launching a new thread per client.  Demo 
#3 shows the same thing but using TWSocketThrdServer, which is a 
multi-threaded implementation of TWSocketServer, that manages the 
threads internally.

I'm not an expert on these component, as I'm new to using it too.  
However, as other discussions on this list mention, depending on your 
requirements, multi-thread support may not be necessary, as the regular 
TWSocketServer is asynchroneous and high performance on a single 
thread.  Check out then TcpSrv_1 for an example of a single-threaded 
multi-client socket server.  You'll notice it is a lot simpler to deal 
with, without the risk and expense of thread synchronization, ans still 
able to process hundreds of clients concurrently.


        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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