On Oct 15, 2007, at 05:56, João Gonçalves wrote:

> I'm using these parameters:
>       ((TTcpSrvClient *)Client)->LineMode        = FALSE;//
>       ((TTcpSrvClient *)Client)->LineEdit        = TRUE;
>       ((TTcpSrvClient *)Client)->OnDataAvailable = ClientDataAvailable;
>       ((TTcpSrvClient *)Client)->OnBgException   = ClientBgException;
>       ((TTcpSrvClient *)Client)->ConnectTime     = Now();

If you set LineMode=True, the OnDataAvailable event will trigger when 
the entire data is received (and the line-delimiter is found).  I think 
this is what you want.  Otherwise, it will trigger whenever the buffer 
is full and there is *some* data, and it is up to you to piece it 
together (this is what you have now).

That last one is intended for "streaming", where you are not expecting 
a specific "line" of data, but a constant stream of data.  If you are 
sending commands, like other common Internet protocols, then you should 
set LineMode to True.  The default line-delimiter is #13#10 
(CarriageReturn+LineFeed), like other Internet protocols, but you can 
set it to whatever you want.

You also should set the LineLimit property to the maximum allowed 
length of a line, otherwise your server may be vulnerable to DoS 
attacks (since it will continue growing a buffer if no delimiter is 
sent, and all memory may be consumed).  When the LineLimit maximum is 
reached, an exception is triggered (which you can handle in 
OnLineLimitExceeded event).


        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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