> after some successful years with ICS I am now trying to do some FTP
> transfers in a separate thread. Everything happens in the thread,
> including the FTPClient component creation. The thread itself uses
> the synchronous commands, for example FTPClient.Get.
> I am currently using ICSV6 (OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas V2.108).
> My problem is that this separate thread makes my application very
> unresponsive. The main application thread seems to be almost totally
> blocked and responds to messages, such as moving or drawing the
> main window, only after big delays.

Avoid using sync methods when using a thread. You'll eat up CPU for nothing. 
Use pure async operation.

> Am I missing something very basic here? Does anybody have an idea?

Be sure to create your component from the thread's Execute method and /not/ 
from the thread constructor or your events will be handled by the main 
thread ! (Not an ICS issue, but simply the way Windows is working).
Aslo, if you have a very fast network, such as a GigaBit Ethernet, it is 
well possible that your transfer become a CPU bound task. You'll solve the 
problem by lowering the priority of your worker thread but of course this 
will slow down transfers.

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