Shawn Jones wrote:
> I have been happily enjoying the simplicity of using ReceiveStr. 
> However I now have a requirement to send much larger amounts of data.
> I have profiled my app and have concluded that the largest bottleneck
> ( > 50%) is ReceiveStr.

I think it's the definition of "bottleneck". If your app. does nothing
but transfer data, the bottleneck was sure the transfer function. <g>

> My app now needs to send a large number of records.  Currently, I'm
> converting each record to a string and calling SendStr and the client
> is using ReceiveStr.
> Is the speed improvement potential worth the added complexity to
> covert my app from using SendStr and ReceiveStr to Send and Receive?

Francois already answered that.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> If yes, any pointers on how to proceed?
> thanks,
> shawn
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