Hello Pete,

>        mytwsocket.addr := '';
>        mytwsocket.port := '17072';
>        mytwsocket.connect();

that's ok

> OnSessionAvailable doesn't seem to get called ever.

No you need OnSessionConnected. OnSessionAvailable is for server

> In OnDataSent I do this

> begin
>     if mystringlist.count > 0 then
>     begin
>        mytwsocket.sendStr(mystringlist[0]+#$D#$A);
>        mystringlist.delete(0); // we've sent this one
>     end else
>     begin
>        mytwsocket.close(); // no more data to send, so close
>     end;
> end;

Not good. you close in OnDataSent. OnDataSent is fired when data is
deliverd to winsock. This does not mean it is delivered to the other end
of the connection. Instead of Close() call ShutDown(1); This will tell
the other end to shutdown after data is delivered.

but still it is better to make a little protocol so that receiver tell
sender that all data is delivered and handled and it is safe to close.

> Should I use threads for my clients as well?

No need to use threading model. you only need threads if you have
lengthy code.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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