Pete Williams wrote:
> My client wants to sometimes connect to the server, send a few lines
> of data, and then disconnect.
> When I want to send data this is what I do
> procedure sendData(asMessage: string);
> begin
>     mystringlist.add(asMessage);
>     if mytwsocket.state <> wsConnected then
>     begin
>        mytwsocket.addr := ''; // client and server are on
> same machine
>        mytwsocket.port := '17072';
>        mytwsocket.connect();
>     end;
> end;

Next event that fires will be OnSessionConnected.
in OnSessionConnected you can safly send data. 

> Then I have handlers for OnSessionAvailable 

Connecting TWSockets will never fire this event,
instead assign OnSessionConnected at the client-side.
OnSessionAvailable triggers on listening TWSockets only.

> and OnDataSent.

> OnSessionAvailable doesn't seem to get called ever.

OnDataSent is usefull to send large data in smaller chunks.
It's always called when the internal send buffer became empty.

Arno Garrels
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