Jake Traynham wrote:

>    So, it seems that for every time ASyncReceive looped, there would
> still be a message (FD_Read??) being put in the queue to call it
> again, which would call my DataAvailable event again, but there
> wouldn't be any data to read because ASyncReceive had already looped
> to get all the data. 

That's correct, it's the call to WSocket_Synchronized_ioctlsocket() 
with option FIONREAD that causes winsock to send the extra FD_READ
So nothing is corrupted, simply add wsoNoReceiveLoop to the options
to get rid of that behaviour.
Winsock will always send subsequent FD_Read messages after any call
to one of the receive functions if there is still data available. 

> Should
> there have only been one FD_Read in the queue initially which would
> start the ASyncReceive loop but some how the queue is getting
> corrupted (by some call to ProcessMessages maybe) causing it to
> respond to the FD_Read more than once.  

See above.

> Or should there be an FD_Read
> for every block of data coming from the server, and if that's the
> case, why does ASyncReceive loop?  Because if there is an FD_Read for
> every block of data, then ASyncReceive and any DataAvailable events
> would be called multiple times. 

There is no relationship to the amount of data, there should be one
FD_Read message as long as data is available in winsock's receive buffer.
Looping in ASyncReceive is required before closing the socket in order
to not miss any pending data. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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