I noticed that it is not initialized anywhere, which
means that its going to be False by default
(supposedly).  Perhaps compiler optimizations will
cause it to be stored in a cpu register and without
initialization may not be guaranteed to be 0 (false).


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>Subject : RE: Re: [twsocket] TWSocket
transliterating tabs to spaces (nevermind)
> Hello:
>     Nevermind my last message.  

Too late ;-) But it should be realy made the default
FLineEdit seems not being initialized correctly
allways, at
least not by the Delphi 7 compiler, maybe when
is turned off ?

Arno Garrels

Like an idiot, I set
> LineEdit mode to True by mistake.  I made this change
> inadvertently today, which explains why I didn't
> notice it before.
>     Sorry,
>     -dZ.
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>> Subject : RE: [twsocket] TWSocket transliterating
tabs to spaces (?!)
>  >Hello:
>     I just noticed something very bizarre:  My client
> application sends text data using TWSocket to a
> TWSocketServer server application, and leading tabs
> are transliterated into spaces when they arrive!
>     I've traced a particular string all the way until
> TWSocket puts it in its internal buffer to send and
> it still contains a #09 char at byte position 0.
> However, tracing the OnDataAvailable event of the
> receiving TWSocketClient, ReceiveStr returns the same
> string but now it has spaces at the beginning and no
> tab character.
>     I don't recall ever seeing this before.  Perhaps
> I'm missing an obscure setting or made a stupid
> mistake?  Can anybody offer any suggestions?
>     -dZ.

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