> hi there,
> is there also such a known bug in smtpprot.pas ?

No known issues. Please check your code. An error is anything > 0!
This can be a winsock error code > 10000 or an SMTP error
code. The action to be taken depends on both current request
type and error code, read the RFCs for a description of SMTP
error codes. Also a reconnect should never be tried by calling
Connect from a component event handler but by posting a 
custom message, in the message handler calling Connect is safe. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> (testing with a gmx account)
> my app receives mail through pop3prot.pas then forwards them through
> smtpprot.pas.
> at first i received the exception "smtp component not connected" in
> smtpclientrequestdone, now i built in a check if not connected, now i
> receive "smtp component not ready".
> procedure TMailer.SmtpClientRequestDone;
>   function isError : boolean;
>   begin
>     result := false;
>     if (Error > 399) and (Error < 600) then result := true;
>     if result then if assigned(FOnError) then 
> FOnError(FSmtp.ErrorMessage);   end;
> begin
>   // it is possible that an exception arises here : smtp component
> not connected so   with FSmtp do begin
>     if isError then Rset
>     else
>     if not Connected then Connect
>     else
>     case RqType of
>       smtpConnect:
>       begin
>         if AuthType = smtpAuthNone then Helo else Ehlo;
>       end;
> ....
> tia, retnyg
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