Is there a simple example of what is necessary to transmit a file
using the FTP client?

I am setting up the client with these properties:
    Up.UserName := Config.ReadString(Server,'Login','Anonymous');
    Up.PassWord := Config.ReadString(Server,'Password','Anonymous');
    Up.Port := Config.ReadString(Server,'Port','21');
    Up.HostName := Server;
    Up.LocalFileName := SaveFolder+FileName;
    Up.HostFileName := FileName;
    Up.HostDirName := Config.ReadString(Server,'FTPFolder','');
    Up.Timeout := 15; //seconds
    Up.Passive := True;

But what is the methods I need to use to connect, send the file, and
then disconnect? I will be doing this in synchronous mode.

I see the Count parameter in FTP.OnProgress; does that represent the
number of bytes sent, and do I need to initialize my progress
par.maximum to the total file bytes of the local file?


Johnnie Norsworthy
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