Johnnie Norsworthy wrote:
> Is there a simple example of what is necessary to transmit a file
> using the FTP client?

Yes, look at the (OverbyteIcs)FtpTst demo.

> But what is the methods I need to use to connect, send the file, and
> then disconnect? I will be doing this in synchronous mode.

See above, instead of the async-methods use the sync-methods like
Open, User, Pass, Cwd, TypeSet, Put etc.
> I see the Count parameter in FTP.OnProgress; does that represent the
> number of bytes sent, 

Either bytes sent or received.

> and do I need to initialize my progress
> par.maximum to the total file bytes of the local file?

Yes, and I suggest not to  update the bar each time the event triggers
but e.g. only every second.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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