Jonathan M. Freedman wrote:
> Username:  the full name with domain or just the name, i.e.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] or just jon

That's the username of your mail account you received from your

> Send mode:  not sure what mode to use

Default value smtpToSocket will send the email.
Alternatively it's possible to set smtpToStream then call 
SslSmtpClient.SendToFile(), or smtpCopyToStream if the component
shall write a copy of the mail to a custom stream while sending.   

> Share mode:  not sure what mode to use

Use the default value smtpShareDenyWrite.
it's the share open mode of file attachments.

> Local address:  I think this is the [EMAIL PROTECTED]

No, it's the local IP address that shall be used, default value
'' uses any IP, leave it as is. 
> Host:  I think that is the same as local address

It's either mail server's IP or the DNS name 
> Default encoding:  is each server bit specific?

It determines the default message text encoding similar to a property
in OE.
> Signon:  is that the mac address and how does one format it?

No, it is the parameter of the Helo/Ehlo command.
Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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