Hello Markus,

Fragmentation as other guys said is IP issue and you can do nothing
about it if any device between sender and receiver's machines cannot
bring packet the same size they have been sent from source.

IP protocol has come message system to ask for sender to resend packet
as  fragmented  (below and under no control of ICS). But as it is ICMP
messages  and  many  firewalls may block it default, then your machine
may  never receive the fragmentation's request. This also happend when
you  are  using  some  VPN network and you may have to set MTU size of
sender's  machine  down to 1400 that is a good value. This can be done
thru  registry  or  using some tools like DoctorTCP 0.21 (DrTCP) or SG
TCP Optimizer 2.0.3


MH> since the device I want to talk to does only support sending back the 
MH> UDP answerts to a predefined IP thus requiring a fixed IP adress on PC 
MH> side I have to experiment with TCP now.

MH> I originally used UDP because it's fragmentation free because behind the 
MH> device I'm talking to sits another one which actually gets the data I 
MH> send but doesn't accept any fragmentation.

MH> The vendor of the device I'm talking to now suggested I use TCP to get 
MH> rid of my fixed IP and that he's also using ICS and doesn't get 
MH> fragmentation (assuming max. bytes sent < MTU which is the case here as 
MH> well).

MH> So what about TCP fragmentation now? How often does it occur in this 
MH> situation? Is it less likely to occur on a lan than on some internet 
MH> connection? Can I influence it in any way?

MH> I'm using ICS V5 (the one on the partner DVD of Rad Studio 2007).

MH> Greetings

MH> Markus

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